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"I know you’re the boss and you have to compartmentalize everything but it’s not healthy."

Which side did you end up on?

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#this is a red herring #bec why the hell will they give this reveal on the promo? #and writers aren't dumb for trying the same thing again making another member hydra like what happened with ward #or this is just me rationalizing my way out of not accepting that my favorite pure hearted genius is really hydra #but if she was? i can't deny that it will be a very interesting story arc. cause wow. it will be heartbreaking #now pls go and direct me to hydra agent jemma simmons fics where she's cold and calculating and morally questionable #but then she met fitz at the academy and his brilliance and good heart and loyalty and sheer kindness broke through her walls causing her to #switch allegiances. so she became the 'jemma' that we know. the jemma she once was before hydra got to her #the jemma she has long buried and forgotten. the jemma with ideals. the jemma who was fiercely loyal and protective of her loved ones #but then hydra destroyed everything she has tried to rebuilt. her innocence. her conscience. her morality #hydra destroyed fitz. her tether to everything 'good' #so she goes back to hydra to destroy it from the inside out #WOULDN'T THIS BE A WONDERFUL JEMMA SIMMONS CENTRIC STORY ARC? #raise your hand if you say yes #over and out #jemma simmons #agents of shield #spoilers #buttload of spoilers #and wow. I LOVE THIS SHOW. i mean REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW. when did this happen? #oh wait. it was because of Jemma Simmons #surprise surprise


gentle reminder to those saying jemma “has turned into a badass”:

jemma simmons already was a badass


  • is an actual genius with two phds and is the youngest shield academy graduate to date
  • is a successful woman in a stem field
  • performs ocular surgery to save an agent’s life despite having no previous experience with it (1.04)
  • jumped out of a plane to keep her team safe (1.06)
  • went around the system of rules she prized and relied on when her team was in danger (1.07)
  • goes around the rules again to help skye escape (1.11)
  • tackles an enemy agent with a grenade so that it doesn’t hurt fitz or skye, without any thought as to if the grenade was lethal or not (1.13)
  • keeps skye alive despite not being a medical doctor nor having any real tools (1.13)
  • stands up to coulson about gh-325 (1.15)
  • defends a bed-ridden skye from a possibly-brainwashed coulson with a fire extinguisher (1.15)
  • uses her position at the hub to get more information about gh-325 (1.17)
  • stands up to victoria hand, both before and after she knows agent hand is not hydra (1.17)
  • stands up to coulson again to let trip stay on the team (1.18)
  • drags an unconscious fitz up from the bottom of the ocean, saving his life (1.22)

jemma simmons has always been a badass 

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Jemma is the only thing I ever really like when I watch, which as awesome as she is, is not enough. but yes she is a super duper awesome character who happens to be female. and you continue to make me wish I liked agents of shield more

I really do wish the same thing, really really really do. JEMMA IS THE BEST. SHE IS. And I continue to believe she IS. I especially wish that a lot of my Chuck friends are as invested in this show like antoine-triplett and myself because this weird show is slowly filling that Chuck shaped hole in my chest. :’)

you know who else had a lot of Captain America moment . WARD!

- Anonymous

Like I said WARD DID IT WITH AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE. He said it himself, HE DID IT TO GAIN THE TEAM’S TRUST. And do you really think the writers would go as far as make ANOTHER TEAM MEMBER, HYDRA? REALLY? I don’t think they’re THAT predictable. I’ll just continue believing that Simmons is not a psychotic suicidal asshole manipulative bastard spineless coward with no morals who is capable of throwing his friends off a damn plane. SHE HAS HER REASONS AND I AM WILLING TO WAIT A DAMN WEEK AND CONTINUE TO BELIEVE THAT THE JEMMA I KNOW WOULD NEVER. EVER. BE LIKE SOMEONE LIKE GRANT FREAKING WARD

I ask myself ‘when did I get this invested over Agents of Shield’? The answer is always this: It’s when Jemma Simmons jumped off the plane to save the team. Remember that ep? Or that one time she had her Captain America moment and shielded her team from the grenade? NEVER FORGET THAT. She did those things with no ulterior motive like someone we know. Someone who was trying to win over the team only to betray them later on. She has her own reasons for leaving Coulson, abandoning Fitz, abandoning the whole damn team like Skye bitterly said, for reasons which WE DO NOT KNOW. She also has her own reasons for wearing that ‘jacket’ for reasons which WE STILL DO NOT KNOW. This is a Jemma Simmons appreciation blog and a Jemma Simmons I BELIEVE IN YOU blog and if you hate on her, the unfollow button is right there. GOOD FREAKING BYE.